Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is one of the most common issues that I address.  We all have had the "worried mind talk" that sends us into a tizzy until we can feel our throat in our chest.  Anxiety is a very real and debilitating issue that we face as a society.  The constant restlessness and panic keeps us from achieving our goals and enjoying our lives.  

Anxiety is necessary in emergency situations as our "fight or flight" response. However, the hard truth is that most of our anxiety is completely unnecessary and self-made.  Sometimes it can be so debilitating that you have to put your life on hold all-together.  I am here to help.  

Hypnotherapy/EFT work by releasing the emotional charge that unnecessary Anxiety has on your body and mind.  It also connects you to the root cause so that we can work with the subconscious to move past it.  Often Anxiety can be connected to other issues such as; "fear of failure," "self-sabotage," "fear of commitment," "lack of confidence," "uncertainty of the future" and many others.  This is completely normal as we are complex beings with  busy lives and lots of desired achievements.  An added bonus to working to relieve the anxiety, is that these secondary issues can be uncovered and resolved.

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Each and every client is different and has different intensities of Anxiety.  It is possible that additional sessions may be required.  However 4 sessions is my initial recommendation.