A Lesson in Gaining Trust in a New Reality?

Allow.... Surrender..... Let Go.....  Trust.....  Sound familiar? 

Spiritual masters have been expressing the art of “letting go” throughout the ages, but how does one just “let go” anyway?!?   I have come to my own understanding of all this “trust” and “let go” talk, and the simplicity and literal meaning of it may shock you. 

Trust, letting go, surrender, allowing, whatever you would like to call it, is simply letting your goodness flow and accepting that you are divine/loved.  Without contradicting yourself of course!

 Think about it.  If we all really “allowed” ourselves to accept our true nature, wouldn’t we all just throw up our hands, quit our jobs, and throw an endless beach party?  What would we have to fear if we are truly divine and unconditionally loved?  But sometimes we doubt, and we worry, and we fear the worst.  This is all natural and alright because we are ALSO HUMAN.  Plus the journey of divine realization is part of the fun!

I offer you this fun experiment to allow more trust and allowance into your life: Tally the faultiness of your fearful mind for 1 week! 

Let me explain:

In Michael Singers book “The Surrender Experiment” he devotes his entire life to accepting the flow of life.  Yup, that means EVERYTHING that comes into his life he says YES to and trusts that it is for his highest good.  He keeps himself connected to his flow with daily meditation because it leaves him in a state of joy and peace. This practice of accepting life's flow has taken him from living alone in his van in Mexico, to becoming a self-taught computer programmer and corporate CEO, to a New York Times bestseller, featured on Oprah.   This is not all life's flow has brought Michael.  In fact, his long list of unbelievable achievements is too long to list in this post, so you will have to find out for yourself!  In the book, Michael often mentions the resistant tantrums that his mind would put up whenever a situation flowed into his life.  For most of the opportunities (seemingly "good" or "bad") that came to him, his mind would shout out “NO WAY, not happening!”  Michael mentions all throughout the book how none of his overflowing divine success would have been possible had he succumbed to these negative thoughts.

Now I am not suggesting here that we all follow the exact path of total surrender as Michael, although it is tempting! 

What I am suggesting, in this small experiment, is that you take note of the fallacy of your own negative thoughts! Try this for one week. 

Here is an example of my own mind experiment:

The other day I had a new client coming for a session at 3:00PM.  I had been out of town for a few days and came home to a note on the door which stated that there would be a routine inspection between the hours of 1:00-4:00 PM.  I immediately found myself in a bad mood.  “How could this be!” I thought.  “Great, they are going to show up right at 3 and ruin my session, and it’s way too late to cancel!” 

I was so sure that this was how things were going to unfold! In fact, the thought of the inspectors coming at ANY other time sounded IMPOSSIBLE to me.  Can you see this faulty reasoning?  The old programming in me that the situation had likely activated was one of “life is a struggle and nothing comes easy.” 

Luckily, I had remembered the proof in Michael Singers book that the mind has but a teensie tiny limited perspective.  I reminded myself that there are infinite possibilities and that the inspectors could come on the earlier end or not even come at all.  I even told myself that I could just write a note and ask for privacy.  “Whats the big deal!?” I thought.  This allowed me to feel better and within about 20 minutes, I let it go.  About 7 minutes after I let go ( at 1:30 pm)  I got a text from my sister that the inspectors came and left within 5 minutes.  I laughed to myself out loud.

 My mind was so wrong about the reality of reality, I thought to myself.   What else does my mind not know?  What other things could really be possible in my world if I let them in?  This led me to test out the number of times my mind interpreted a situation to be negative when in fact it turned out to be neutral or positive.  I don’t even think I need to mention the astonishing number of times my mind didn’t see the big picture in one week. The point is to assure you that the experiment only brought me incredible inner-peace over and opened many doors to what goodness could flow to me....if I allowed it to ;)


But what about when my mind was pretty close to the truth?

The only times I have found my nagging negativity to be correct over the years is when I literally “worried” an event right into my experience! When I stewed in my negativity for so long that a negative situation happened for me.  We have all experienced this before. Of course, the same has also been true when I "excited" an opportunity into my life, stewing in feelings of joy and inner peace. 

So what happens if we open up to other possibilities than what our mind “knows?”  Is it possible to trust that all of our good will flow to us if we keep negativity at bay?  Find out for yourself and enjoy the ride of universal flow….