Clearing Manifestation Blocks

Are you an avid Law of Attraction junkie?  Have you just come upon this wonderful realization or maybe have  been practicing better alignment for many years?  Either way, you may have experienced a long-standing desire that feels "stuck" and will not come to fruition.  We have all been through this, trying every technique and reading hundreds of spiritual books to try and understand our blockage,  Well here is the good news, any place where you feel "stuck" on the outside, is a place where you feel stuck on the "inside."  Once you are able to pinpoint this inner resistance and move forward from whatever is blocking you on the "inside" then the outside must reflect that change.  It is law!

Working on spiritual growth is my specialty and I have gained valuable insight and deep understanding from my own personal journey. Both hypnotherapy and EFT can be extremely powerful in releasing this "stuck" resistance.  Often times these blocks can be related to more than one area of our life.  For example, a long-standing feeling of helplessness could be tripping up your financial situation as well as your relationships.  This is good news because it means just a small shift in the "inner world" can influence massive change on the outside too.  This also means that there could be more than one feeling or "block" tripping up a desired manifestation.  This is why I highly recommend my Guidance/Coaching Package so that we can release all the gunk keeping you from your joy, however smaller packages are available.   CLICK HERE for the Guidance/Coaching Package.  

You will not only feel incredibly light after a "Clearing Blocks" session but you will gain valuable insight into your personal journey in life.

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