Caroline's Mission 

Caroline is a gifted Master Hypnotherapist, Energy Channel, and EFT Practitioner who is bringing an extraordinary new light to this reality we are experiencing.   Enabling her clients to channel their higher mind, relevant counterparts, and discover their biggest internal resistance, massive breakthroughs are a constant.  Caroline has worked with hundreds of individuals, using her spiritual connection and passion to support their journey into their own power.  Her mission is simple: to support as many people as possible that would like to be their complete and natural selves.





Sessions with Caroline are available in-person (Los Angeles).

Or online through zoom/skype. Sessions are typically 60-75 minutes.




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NEW Contact Experience Sessions

Do you feel connected to First Contact, Extra-Terrestrials, Inter-dimensional Beings, Counterparts and the like? I have been having contact experiences through hypnotherapy before I understood what it was. These new sessions are designed to initiate/ strengthen your relevant contacts and recall experiences that have already taken place.

It’s difficult for the logical side of my brain to comprehend how much of a positive effect sessions with Caroline have had on my life.
— Mark E

Interview with VOYAGE LA.