Caroline's Mission 

Empathic Channel, Master Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner.





With Caroline's fearless but loving strength,  powerful shifts are made at the deepest level.  The result is a tapping into permanent clarity, joy, abundance, intuitive abilities, and purpose.  Caroline’s private clients and workshop participants report nothing less than a "life-changing" experience inside and out. 




Free Stuff.  Custom Meditations. Blog Posts. Release Deep-Seated Inner Blocks.  Learn how to Manifest Your Truest Desires.  Listen to Channeled Meditations.




2019 is bringing to us a new energy that is swift, powerful, and enlightening. We learned in 2018 that our limitations and baggage can NO LONGER COME WITH US. Learn how to shatter those personal limiting beliefs on this call. Webinar was recorded on 1/09/19. Listen for FREE.


Interview with VOYAGE LA.

What clients are saying...

"It's difficult for the logical side of my brain to comprehend how much of a positive effect sessions with Caroline have had on my life. "

-Mark E

"Caroline, I have to tell you that everything that you have taught me so far has worked! I got an offer to work at a pediatric hospital which has been my dream for quite some time now. Everyday I take inspired action and silence the voice in my head that wants to hold me back." -Sandy H


"Caroline is a national treasure as far as I’m concerned! Before seeing her, I pretty much spent every moment I was awake thinking about money. The very next day after the session, I felt a nudge to go through with a plan I’d been holding onto to make some extra cash, and within hours of my listing going live, I had received 3 requests to rent it."

-Brandi C




Caroline can also be found as a Breakthrough Specialist through The Alignment Academy, and as member of the International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT).