Caroline's Mission 

Caroline is a gifted Energy Healer, Master Hypnotherapist/EFT Practitioner, and Alignment Teacher who is bringing an extraordinary new light to this new reality we are experiencing.   Enabling her clients to channel their guides, angels, loved ones, and higher mind, big breakthroughs and life transformations are a constant.  Caroline has worked with hundreds of individuals, using her spiritual connection and passion to support their journey into their own power. She promotes individuality, openness, natural flowing abundance, and love.  Her mission is simple: to support as many people as ready to be their complete and natural selves. This is the only requirement to flow in their desires & effortless joy.





With Caroline's fearless but loving strength,  powerful shifts are made at the deepest level.  The result is a tapping into permanent clarity, joy, abundance, intuitive abilities, and purpose.  Caroline’s private clients and workshop participants report nothing less than a "life-changing" experience inside and out. 




Release Deep-Seated Inner Blocks.  Learn how to Manifest Your Truest Desires.  Listen to Channeled Meditations. Request Your Own Custom Download To Expand at Faster Rates.  Learn how to "hear your guides."



Mini Program- Navigate Your Reality

The biggest struggle I see from working with people is a distrust in themselves and their reality.   If they only knew that all their magic is stored there.

So, I've created a mini-program to help bridge the gap between your  desires and your trust level. No questions off-limits.  Safe. Supportive. Loving. Practical.

Price is $75.  


Interview with VOYAGE LA.


Breakthrough Specialist for The Alignment Academy


Member of the International Association of Counselors & Therapists (IACT)


Featured Practitioner on "The Power of Joy" by Nick Breau