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WHAT: 70 Minute Sessions for Initiating Contact
MODALITY: Hypnotherapy
COST: $110 (SPECIAL price until 10/20/2019)

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Ready to meet more of the Inter-dimensional beings that are eager to communicate with you? As the human collective continues to evolve, a solid foundation with relevant counterparts will become the norm.

These hypnotherapy sessions are designed to:

Pull in your relevant contacts.

Recall relevant contact that has already taken place.

Provide tools/resources to prepare for more experiences.

Sessions available in person or online through ZOOM. *Just mention “Making Contact Session” when you submit contact form.


Meet the Facilitator

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Caroline Lehan, CMHt is a Master Hypnotherapist, Contact Specialist, and EFT/Tapping Practitioner.  She works with clients all over the world helping them to find freedom from their biggest struggles and reconnect them with counterparts of their greater selves.