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Sessions are available over Zoom/Skype or in person in Silverlake, Los Angeles.

Single Session $160 - Discount on Packages

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My sessions are a unique form of Hypnotherapy/EFT that have been crafted from my experience working with others and from healing myself.  My sessions are interactive and highly intuitive, focused on real transformation that comes from the deepest depths of the self. My sessions do not closely resemble traditional or clinical hypnotherapy. Clients that are drawn to me usually have an interest in self-healing and stepping into their power.  They often are wanting to take the plunge into truly being who they are and are wanting new experiences.    My intuitive connection, spiritual knowledge, and belief in my clients is what makes the sessions potent and powerful, not to mention a lot of fun ;).  Please find the list of services I offer down below, and it's always ok to ask about a specific topic!

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*NEW Personal Deep Dive Sessions $50- mention “DEEP DIVE SESSION” in subject line