See what clients are saying about working with Caroline.

I knew very little about hypnotism before meeting Caroline, but she was very informative about the process, and a very calming presence to be around. My session was incredible, I felt as if a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders when we finished. Caroline is very knowledgable, approachable, and effective. If you are serious about positive life change, Caroline is your go-to girl!
— Charlie L
Caroline is a deeply intuitive person which makes her great at what she does. I’d absolutely recommend her services and already have to several friends.
— Morton D
After one session I stopped smoking and have stayed smoke free. I have referred a number of friends to Caroline as well and they’ve all had profound experiences working with her on a number of different issues. I would recommend that anyone who has ever considered or been curious about hypnosis try it. And I could not imagine a better person to work with than Caroline. She is an extremely talented and caring person. I am so grateful I was curious enough to give it a shot.
— Peter J
You know something I wanted to tell you. You are excellent and I feel so good. Thank you thank you! I seem to have more mental space in my head to focus on things that I was procrastinating with. It’s amazing to me because it seems clear now where before I couldn’t see it was foggy. I’m so glad I found you and this experience, truly enlightening!!

— Nancy B
Caroline possesses a unique gift. Our sessions have been extremely effective and fascinating journeys into the subconscious. We did a regular hypnotherapy session and then we did a past life regression session. It was pretty mind blowing, and now even my husband wants to do a session! I highly recommend it.
— Eleanor W