What is Hypnotherapy/EFT?

If your life isn't working, you can choose to live it differently.


Hypnosis is a powerful and holistic approach used for personal growth.  It aids in the resolution of a long list of personal issues and the promotion of wellness and happiness by using your most valuable resource, the mind. Hypnosis is a natural state of deep relaxation in which the mind has enhanced focus and attention. We actually go into this state everyday! We do this when we are in a state of deep concentration or right before we drift off to sleep and wakefulness. With hypnosis, the limitation of everyday mind barriers are by-passed in order to work safely with the subconscious mind to achieve desired changes. 

Take the example of a computer and it's hard-drive: The computer is the conscious mind and the hard-drive the subconscious.  Everything that you are able to do on your computer is reliant upon the systems running on your hard-drive.  The only way to access and update these systems is to go straight to the source itself, which is the hard-drive.  Many of us have limiting beliefs or ideas running on our hard-drive that just need to be updated.



EFT (also known as "tapping") stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.  This simple technique is one of the most rapid transformational tools in alternative healing.   The results  can be virtually instantaneous. The secret to it's power is that it involves the client saying specific phrases which are aimed in the subconscious, while simultaneously tapping on acupressure points to release stuck emotion.  Just as with hypnotherapy, clients report feeling incredibly light and calm after using EFT and find the results remaining permanent.

This technique is so easy-to-use that clients are able to work on themselves after just a few sessions of working with a practitioner.


What can Hypnotherapy/EFT be used for?



Financial Freedom

Overcome Fears/Phobias

Achieve Goals

Manage Stress

Change Behaviors

Pain Management



  Past Life Regression

  Health and Wellness

  Public Speaking

  Stop Procrastination

  Overcome Guilt

  Clear Manifestation Blocks


  AND so much more!!!



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