Feeling the shift?

Feeling the shift!?

What an expansive, painful, and liberating shift we have been having this past 3 months…

 I know I have been feeling it in all areas. I have been tested in my tests even! You are not alone my friends, you are doing well.  

It reminds me of the first time I went white water rafting.  I was so eager to begin, overflowing with an innocent but confident pride.  It wasn’t until about 10 minutes into the rushing water that I realized how terrifying it was!  Internally I freaked out a bit.  There is no time to fearful in white water rafting!  I had to approach the journey from deep in my core (physically and emotionally) or else I was rock food.  It challenged me to challenge myself.    In the end, I ended up having a blast as I shifted my energy to match the rushing water but I was changed by the time I reached the shore. The water had given me an opportunity to use my deepest strengths and inner resources.  It occurred to me how little I used these in my daily life. 

It was time to change!


How to pull through in this shift:

It’s simple, embrace the radical freedom!  This shift is actually guiding us to make better decisions.  We are forced to think with our hearts and not our heads.  Have you noticed how minor the outcomes from old thinking have been lately?  That is because old paradigms are on their way out.  We are shifting into new territory, new realms, new places within ourselves. This is a major blessing.  It is love and protection.  What if this opportunity to finally release our limiting anchors is preparing us? Prepping us before our next level desires rush in?   It is your chance to release the old self.  Both on a collective and on a personal level.  This shift is for us!  Imagine a world where you were completely free?  Where you were completely you?  Where you knew that your only job was to fully be your most authentic self and follow your highest excitement?  Your guides want to ensure that you enter this new phase with your arms spread wide open.. ready to receive all that is yours.  There is a catch though.. you can’t have open arms to receive when you are still clinging tightly to old baggage.


Let go and trust:

What is it that has been coming up for you lately?  Is it guilt? Fear? Worry about finances? Feeling held back by judgement? 

Here is the test to see if it is time to shift that old energy:

1)      Have you had it most of your life?

2)      Does it feel restricting/ painful?

3)      Are there any fears around letting it go?

Then it is time LET IT GO.  Ask yourself deeply, “do I really want this?” Now is your chance.  You are brave.  You are loved.  You are ready.   You have permission from your guides, from your leading edge creators, from me, and even from the higher minds of those who you feel challenge you.  Give yourself that permission too.  Try it on for size.. for a day, a week, a month.  Follow your flow of expansion or you might get stuck in the rocks! 😊

With love,