What are sessions with Caroline like?

The secret formula that is used in her sessions is a combination of Hypnotherapy, Spiritual Energy Healing, EFT and whatever else the client needs. Click here to learn more about these modalities.

Known for her intuitive abilities, Caroline promotes deep spiritual transformation by healing negative paradigms and connecting to “higher energy”.  Sessions vary by the individual, but usually involve a direct connection with the limitless self and the loving guides who are present.  "Imagine amplifying the inner voice that has been nudging you all  of your life and releasing long held emotional baggage." 




Curious about why we often feel unaligned, stuck, or blocked? Read on below.

A little insight on why ....



Do you feel stuck?

People feel stuck when they have accumulated negative subconscious programming and emotions internally.  This Inner-junk causes us to ignore our own guidance system. It also clogs our alignment with our Authentic Self leaving us feeling bad and getting crummy external results!


What makes freedom possible?

At a fundamental level big transformation always starts from within.  Healing beyond the conscious awareness sheds light on an individuals biggest blocks and challenges.  Once identified, we then use powerful tools to clear them.

Sessions are available over Skype or in person in Silverlake, Los Angeles.