Eating Right for Your Body


Yes it is absolutely true that whole organic and unprocessed foods are the best for you and your body.  Loads of nutrient-dense veggies and a medium amount of fruits and proteins, that resemble most closely their original state (an apple vs apple sauce).  Yes it is true that a balance and variety of these foods will provide your body with excellent and fulfilling nutrition.

It is ALSO true that every single individual has different needs/magical combinations for their bodies. 

Some people need lots of protein, some people need lots of acidic foods, some folks require more fat dense foods. 

All that matters is that you listen to YOUR body. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing as long as the balanced diet you are eating makes you feel and look your best.  Not sure what works best for your body?  Experiment! 

Try eating lots of fat and little carbs for 1 week, try eating more fruit and less protein for a week, try eating big meals, try eating small meals.  Find what feels best and works for you through trial and error.

How will you know you have found a match?  It feels right, it feels exciting, it is something you crave at that very moment that your belly says YES PLEASE!  Eating what works for YOU at this current point in your life (your body’s needs may grow and change) will lead you to an incredible version of your most energized and healthiest you.  You will also continue to more easily learn more about your body and it’s wants and needs.  This is simply because YOU will be working WITH your body and not AGAINST it.  START LISTENING TO YOUR BODY AND YOU WILL BE TUNED IN.


HERE IS THE CATCH: As you are enjoying the journey of discovering what works best for you and your body to be your happiest, most comfortable self… avoid emotional eating.  How do you know if you are emotionally eating?  Easy.  You have an insatiable appetite for a specific food that does not serve your body nutritionally, at a time when you are anxious, bored, annoyed, etc.  Now this does not mean you cannot have cake and pizza and cookies. In fact, you should when you feel the time is right for you. But you will know the difference between eating for your body and eating for your mind.  HOW?  One feels good before during and after, the other feels like crap instantly after.  An addiction to anything that does not serve us, ALWAYS has an underlying emotional cause.  Focus on releasing the underlying feeling first!  Interested in learning more about nutrition and weight loss?  Click here for a FREE 15 minute consultation.


*Caroline Lehan, CHt is not a physician and does not condone ignoring information from your doctor but instead to use this article in a way that best serves you