Your Magic Weight Loss Cocktail

Your Magic Weight Loss Cocktail

Do you want the recipe for a magic weight loss cocktail? 

OK full disclosure this is actually a virtual cocktail.. but keep reading.......

  There are hundreds, even thousands of weight loss regimens out there. But with this weight loss cocktail you can be free to ditch the regimen.  This magic weight loss cocktail is not intended for you to give up healthy foods and a healthy lifestyle, to learn more about how to eat what your body is asking for click here.

Here is what all the ridiculous calorie counting weight loss “lose 5 lbs in 1 week”regimens are banking on, that you “FEEL NEGATIVELY ABOUT YOUR BODY AND YOUR CAPABILITY TO GET HEALTHY”  If you loved your body you probably wouldn’t be bothered by those regimens.

Ding ding.  Can someone say negative belief?  Your current belief is like a shot of crappy tequila your friends are forcing you to drink, compared to the new magical cocktail.  In your tequila shot is a toxic mix of “guilt, negativity, and fear.”

Remember that everything pertains to your vibration and how you feel.  Your body is a powerhouse and it knows exactly what needs to be done to keep you healthy and strong.  Or does your ego control your breathing and bowel movements too.?  Didn’t think so!

I grew up with 80% women in my family. Like me, just about all of them had negative beliefs about their bodies.  They were all gorgeous though!!  I grew up thinking that I have a slow metabolism, huge legs, too much indulgence in my wants, low energy and I that need to diet and maintain, diet and maintain, always “trying to get in shape”…you get the picture.  I would consciously and unconsciously say to myself, "I need to lose weight, my butt is huge, I have a big belly, I need to eat way less, I have to run 5 miles today to make up for yesterday, I hate my body, I will always be more overweight than average."  I did not realize that these toxic beliefs were causing me to carry extra weight!  I was blocking my powerhouse body from doing it’s job!  Sometimes I would even feel badly for a whole day with friends because while we were catching up I was worrying about “if I only had dropped the 10 lbs I could relax and have fun.”  All this negative emotion was also causing me to crave foods that did not serve feed my emotion, not my body.

Your beliefs form your reality. Period.  So by drinking this magic weight loss cocktail you will slowly and permanently change your beliefs and supercharge your natural elimination processes and you will feel better!  Oh ya, and you will start to look more to your liking too!  Now this will take some practice if you were like I was, it may feel uncomfortable to stop bashing your body but give it a chance.


Magic Weight Loss Cocktail

-1oz  REFRAIN from saying anything negative about your body and health (most crucial ingredient)

- 2 oz FOCUS on what you love about your body and health ( how about those eyes, that jaw line, that you are the fastest walker alive)

- 3 oz BLESS everything you eat and drink beforehand by simply waving your hand over it and giving it a loving intent like “love, peace, and a toned body.” (You don’t know what vibes was put in that food!)

-To Garnish TRY doing one fun healthy physical activity for every day for just 5-10 minutes ( Dancing anyone?, try a split, walk, cook up a storm in the kitchen)


Prepare to be astonished.  You may start to feel great whether you are eating healthier or  exactly the same as you usually do.  To kick-start a healthier you, even quicker, try holistic approaches to moving stuck energy such as massage, reiki, acupuncture, and chiropractic care.


***Caroline Lehan, CHt is not a physician and does not condone ignoring information from your doctor but instead to use this article in a way that best serves you