The Easiest Way to Release Limits?

The easiest way to release limits?

There are loads of techniques and tools to release limiting blocks and beliefs.  You know, that heavy baggage that keeps us from allowing our goodness to flow? The ultimate truth is that there is no ONE way or even ONE secret method. Read that last sentence again because it contains the secret of harnessing your own true power. 

The only way to know if a technique/tool/mantra is right for YOU is if it RESONATES WITH YOU.  Does it feel fun, effortless, easy and exciting?  Then it is probably a good idea for you to give it a shot.  There is only one RULE to this.  That RULE is to always follow your flow in the NOW because that exciting technique may even lead you to another insight or tool that resonates more.  This means it is NEVER the outside circumstance that matters but your RESONANCE with it that matters. Congratulations you have just stumbled upon the liberating path of intuition without realizing it. 


So what is the EASIEST way to release these huge internal blocks?  The easiest way is to use RESONANCE!  Go with the flow, step by step with what FEELS better. That's it! 

If you want to accelerate faster and faster then you must stop cursing yourself for having the limiting belief or block in the first place.  Own it. Make peace with it. Acknowledge it.  Once you are able to do this, you are then free to explore that more exciting perspective for yourself.

 Here is an example of the role of resonance and flow in releasing a limiting belief.  Let’s say you have a limiting belief about money.  Maybe you have been carrying around  “money is hard to come by.” 

You will know that this belief is limiting you if it makes you feel corresponding negative emotion.  In fact, the word “money” in itself makes some people feel terrible while the very same word makes others feel grateful and exuberant. 

So let’s just assume that this belief of “money is hard to come by” has now become conscious for you, and you can now start the process of healing it by allowing a more empowered belief or perspective (maybe that money can flow with ease).  As you begin to open up to a more aligned perspective, you stumble across pointers to methods that can help you gently remain in that higher resonance.  Now let’s say you follow your excitement (another word for intuition;) and decide on one technique from your favorite law of attraction teacher. The first day you try the technique you feel amazing, and you begin to dip into the feeling of true empowerment! You feel a lightness and ease in your body and mind and the old belief seems silly to you.

Now perhaps day 2 arrives and you attempt that same technique, but on this particular day you are still noticing many intrusive thoughts from the limiting belief.  This is where many people fall into the trap of perceived defeat.  They assume that the technique is useless and that their block is bigger than life. BUT THIS COULDN’T BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.   If they would only remind themselves that they have been carrying this baggage for 20, 30, maybe even 40 years!  If they would only be easy with themselves and accept that although the old thoughts are coming up, changes are still happening on the inside.  If they would only keep following their excitement and allow resonance to guide them, they would see tremendous results.  They would know they were moving in the right direction by how they would feel on the inside with or without the old thoughts.  They would start to feel lighter, more peaceful, more clear.  If they would remain light-hearted and relaxed about shifting and following their resonance, their inner work would start to show results. The results would give them the trust to remain more in the higher perspective and less in the limiting belief.  In time, the limiting belief would just gently crumble and dissolve into nothingness.  It would simply not be true or relevant for them anymore.