Why Your Acting Talent is Not the Real Issue?

No matter what the aspect/circumstance of a clients life is that they come in looking to improve, the key ingredient for improvement is the same. It is all about their relationships with their deeper selves.  How in touch are they with their own guidance and trust?  How about their own confidence/self-worth?  Do they believe they are good enough?  If there’s one industry where your inner state of being matters most, it’s in the performing arts.


In the performing arts, the audition is everything. If you want to win the part you don’t just need to nail the role, you need to nail the way you feel.

More than anything else you need to master your level of self assurance and confidence. Confidence doesn’t come easy in a world where there’s a small percentage of actually getting the gig. Where rejection can be the norm in a world where harsh judgment and criticism are often automatic. It can be tough and over time those criticisms and failures get rooted at a deeper subconscious level. Feelings such as "I’m not good enough" and the "fear of failure" begin to set in.

These feeling don’t just weigh you down, they become your dominant state of being.

You don’t need to believe in the Law of Attraction or Quantum Physics to know that people are vibrationally drawn to others who are happy and confident. Whether it’s a first impression or an audition the person on the other side is feeling the energy you’re putting out. The better you feel, the higher your chances of scoring the gig.  Even though your emotional baggage filled with feelings of not being good enough aren’t visible to the naked eye, they are still being felt at a subconscious level. And those feeling of failure and lack of confidence? That’s in there too.

So if you want to nail the audition you need to master the way you feel. You need to convince the panel you’re the one they should be be drawn to, not based on the quality of your audition, but on the energy of confidence and success you’re putting out. You need to feel that confident feeling that you believe in your uniqueness and your power in every cell of your body.   When you see yourself in this self-empowering way, they’ll see it to.  What have you got to lose?  How can being in a happy and successful state of being help other areas of your life?

Have you been working hard at practicing your acting skills but are not seeing the success you’re looking for? It is probably time for some inner-work. If you’re a struggling performer who knows the importance of how they feel and are ready to step up your game, get in touch for a free consultation.  I'll help you shift your state of being and weed out old and worn out beliefs that no longer serve you. Get in touch



Meet Caroline, The Healing Intuitive

Caroline Lehan, CMHt, is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist specializing in Clinical and Spiritual hypnosis.  She has studied 11 healing modalities to create the perfect healing combination for real results.  Her experience and nurturing attitude enables clients to completely transform using advanced hypnosis techniques, NLP, Timeline Therapy, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).  Her passion and dedication to bringing healing to her clients is unmatched and it shows in the positive feedback she receives back.