The Permission Slip You Have Always Wanted.

The Permission Slip You Have Always Wanted.

What is that permission slip that you have always wanted, and envied from others, but have never been able to give to yourself?  


Drum roll please..........

Are you paying attention?  Are you listening?

The Permission Slip is to be yourself.  No not the self you "think" you should be or the self others "expect" you to be.  No I mean your true, unique, genuine self.  No bending, twisting, changing, or editing for anyone else.  Oh, and that means dropping the thoughts of lack and limitation that are not you either, in your own time of course.  I mean thoughts like "I'm a loser," "I'm not good enough,"  "I always fail,"  "I am too outgoing,"  " I am too different."

The funny thing is you are likely swimming upstream pretending to be someone you are not and getting nowhere. This is because being someone else is actually not possible.  Bashar said it best:

"Is it possible to be someone you are not, do you know anyone who is actually who they are not?"  

Sure you can PRETEND to be someone you are not..but you are still you either way so you might as well enjoy it.  You are lovely, you are divine, you are unique, you are greatness.  YES YOU!

So why is it so important to be yourself?  Well other than the fact that is it liberating, fun, exciting, self-assuring, beautiful, graceful, and sexy.... it makes the world a better place.  That is right, you heard correctly.

 You are here to be your most unique self.  To follow your path of truth and excitement, and bring to the world that passion and vibration that is you.  

There are no two people that are exactly the same.  That is why it is so important not to compare ourselves and to stop thinking that there is some rule book that says you are supposed to fall in line with everyone else.   Oh and all those desired manifestations you want? They line up with the real you too, because that is the person who wants them after all!

So loosen your chains, have confidence, follow your excitement, because believe me, there are so many out there just waiting for your passion to reach them, just waiting for what you will create for yourself in this world.  They need your perspective, they want your beauty.. not your powerlessness and drudgery. Inspire them to be their own authentic selves too.


Still not convinced?  Lets look at some peeps in history who became masters at being themselves.. no matter who "didn't approve" initially.

Albert Einstein

Oprah Winfrey


Arnold Schwarzeneger

Susan Boyle

Jim Carey

Harriet Tubman

Chris Pratt


Ben Franklin

Abe Lincoln

Amy Schumer

Dr. Suess


Hellen Keller

Lena Dunham


Tim Burton

Will Smith

Seth Macfarlane

Harvey Pekar


Martin Luther King Jr.

John Lennon

Elton John


Misty Copeland

Ellen DeGeneres


J.K. Rowling

Meghan McCarthy

Jay Z

Michael Sam

Channing Tatum

Shoni Schimmel


and the list could go on forever... Can you think of any noteworthy people who are masters at being themselves?  How about YOU?



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