Why isn't the Law of Attraction working for me?

Why isn’t the law of attraction working for my desires?

Many people read books on the Law of Attraction, get their hopes up, line up their desires, but then fall short. They then curse the Law of Attraction and chalk it up to a load of bull****.

The truth is, the Law of Attraction is a LAW, just like gravity. You are always creating your reality whether you are aware of it or not.  In fact, the irony is that people who are “absolutely sure” the Law of Attraction is not a real thing will have a reality that reflects that belief!

There a few reasons why the Law of Attraction “seems” to not be “working” for you.  Today we are going to discuss the most common reason.  YOU ARE NOT ALIGNING YOUR VIBRATION (they way you feel).

What do I mean by aligning your vibration?  Does that mean if I want a million dollars I need to quit all my jobs and buy expensive things? No, but it probably wouldn’t hurt with the right mindset.  It all ties back to how you FEEL most of the time.  Even when we know and read this over 5,000 times we seem to forget because our "old conditioned thoughts" try to “figure it all out.”  Before you even realize, you have fallen into the most common trap: spending all your time “worrying about how to get your manifestation.”   And that is exactly the reality you will get.  

There is no force, no strain necessary to shift to the reality you desire, you just need to gently release all the gunk (worry, fear, doubt, impatience) that is moving you backwards.  Think of one situation in your life where you just decided you were going to do something without any contradiction.  In fact, "doing that thing" was the only logical option that existed for you.  How did it play out?  I bet everything fell into place so naturally that you took it for granted!  That is harnessing your true power, without any contradiction. No force necessary.

   Now remember that in "quantum physics terms" your desire is already created as soon as you intend  it BUT it is vibrating at a different frequency.  The example that is often given to explain this phenomenon is like trying to listen to a specific radio station but you are tuned to the wrong frequency or station.  Your desire of being a beautiful ballerina does not want to (and can not) come into a grumpy sad reality!  So what do you need to do?  Change your vibration!  How do you do that?  Feel good! That is really all it is.  Feel stupid happy.. so happy that you get momentum going.  The point is to feel so good that you don’t even need the manifestation to fulfill you, and the irony is.. THAT’S WHEN IT COMES!

If you are having trouble feeling good, or even at peace consistently there is only one reason why. Your inner-state feels overwhelmingly negative because you have negative beliefs/emotions you need to release.  These negative beliefs and subconscious patterns are weighing you down and keeping you stuck at a low vibration.  Click here to learn more about clearing negativity to positively charge your vibration.

The best part of all of this "inner-work" is that once you start gently improving how you feel (and react) , it gets easier because your reality will start to improve.  This will bring you into a positive reinforcement loop.  Happy creating!